With over 50 years of experience in manufacturing of Boiler Pressure Parts, Prefabricated Piping Spools and Structural fabrication as per Lean Manufacturing Principles.

Our state of art manufacturing facilities including inhouse Non-Destructive Testing and ERP based online monitoring system.

Bend Joints offer the best workmanship that stands up to your highest expectation, accompanied with a dedicated team of engineers.

We also specialize in handling complex metals such as varying grades of carbon steel, stainless steel, super duplex stainless steel and alloy steel in our manufacturing processes.

Boiler pressure parts

Bend Joints specializes in the design & manufacturing of boiler components for power generating thermal boilers, industrial boilers and WHRB’s.

Bend Joints had supplied boiler pressure parts up to 660 MW boilers for application at max pr. 307 kg/cm2

Bend Joints manufacturers following boiler components: Economiser coils, Super heater coils, Reheater coils, Evaporator coils, Module assembly (Coils+Headers), Tube bends, Swaged, studded and bifurcated tubes

Boiler Pressure Parts


Bend Joints excels in providing high-quality Coils solutions, offering reliable and efficient coils for diverse industrial applications. With Bend Joints’ expertise, industries can optimize heat transfer, enhance system performance, and achieve consistent and precise temperature control, ensuring the seamless functioning of their processes.

Riser Bends

Crafted from premium-grade tubular steel, Riser Bends offered by Bend Joints are expertly designed to provide unparalleled support for a wide range of structures. These bends are conveniently assembled on-site in multiple sections, ensuring a seamless and efficient installation process. With their enhanced height, Riser Bends optimize energy capture, maximizing overall productivity and performance. Choose Riser Bends from Bend Joints for reliable and top-notch solutions in your projects.

Tube Bends

Experience unmatched performance and reliability with Bend Joints’ Tube Bends. Crafted with precision using top-grade materials, our Tube Bends ensure robustness and longevity. Seamlessly integrated, these bends provide efficient solutions for diverse applications across industries.


Discover the strength and efficiency of Bend Joints’ Headers. Designed to perfection, these headers are crucial for optimal fluid distribution and collection in industrial systems. With impeccable construction and seamless functionality, Headers guarantee smooth operation and enhanced productivity.

structural fabrication

hangers & supports

Bend Joints specializes in top-quality Hangers & Supports solutions, delivering reliable and sturdy products for various industrial applications. With Bend Joints’ expertise, industries can ensure secure and efficient suspension of pipes, equipment, and structures, contributing to enhanced safety and stability in their operations.

furnace trough

Bend Joints offers premium Furnace Trough solutions, providing high-quality and durable troughs designed for efficient material handling in furnace applications. With Bend Joints’ expertise, industries can ensure smooth and reliable furnace operations, enhance material flow, and achieve optimal heating and processing outcomes.

groove storage frame

Bend Joints provides innovative Groove Storage Frame solutions, offering high-quality and reliable frames designed for efficient storage and organization. With Bend Joints’ expertise, industries can maximize space utilization, streamline inventory management, and ensure easy access to stored items, enhancing overall productivity and workflow efficiency.

pan & sagger

Bend Joints offers top-notch Pan & Sagger solutions, providing high-quality and reliable products for various industrial applications. With Bend Joints’ expertise, industries can optimize their processes, enhance product quality, and ensure smooth and efficient operations.

prefabricated piping spools

Bend Joints specialized in providing shop fabricated (Prefabricated) Piping Spools, in accordance to ASME B31.1, B 31.3 & IBR for high- and low-pressure application.

The specialist fabricators work under defined set of quality management criteria to ensure the accuracy of fabrication in order to achieve the proper fit at site and to maintain the required technical parameters defined by the client.

Bend Joints also specialize in handling varying grades of Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel (P11, P22, P91), Stainless steel, Duplex Steel Materials.

Engineering can be done in house or Isometrics can be provided for shop fabrication.

Bend Joints had supplied shop fabricated (Prefabricated) Piping Spools up to 800 MW boilers and Petro-chemical industry.

boiler integral piping

Bend Joints specializes in providing premium Boiler Integral Piping solutions, delivering high-quality and reliable pipes tailored for seamless integration into boiler systems. With Bend Joints’ expertise, industries can ensure efficient fluid flow, enhance boiler performance, and maintain optimal functionality for reliable operations.

turbine integral piping

Optimize your turbines with Bend Joints’ expertly designed Turbine Integral Piping. Guarantee seamless flow and proper integration, contributing to the overall performance and reliability of your turbine systems.

steam generator piping

Ensure safe and efficient steam transfer with Bend Joints’ Steam Generator Piping. Engineered to withstand high temperatures and pressures, our piping solutions offer unmatched reliability in steam generation applications.

cold & hot reheat piping

Enhance the efficiency of your power generation systems with Bend Joints’ CRH (Cold Reheat) and HRH (Hot Reheat) Piping. Our expertly designed piping solutions ensure optimal steam flow, contributing to the overall efficiency of power plants.

drain & vent piping

Maintain proper drainage and ventilation with Bend Joints’ Drain & Vent Piping. Our high-quality piping solutions guarantee efficient removal of unwanted fluids and air, preventing potential issues and ensuring smooth operation.

turbine & boiler auxiliary piping

Support auxiliary systems in power plants with Bend Joints’ Turbine & Boiler Auxiliary Piping. Facilitate seamless integration and functioning of various auxiliary components, enhancing the overall performance of your plant.

process plant piping

Meet the diverse needs of industrial processes with Bend Joints’ Process Plant Piping. Crafted with materials suitable for various applications, our piping solutions ensure reliable and efficient transport of fluids and gases, supporting seamless operations.

balance of plant piping

Bend Joints offers top-notch Balance of Plant (BOP) piping solutions, providing high-quality and reliable pipes for seamless integration into industrial systems, ensuring efficient fluid transportation and optimizing overall plant performance.

cooling water & lube oil piping

Regulate equipment cooling and lubrication with Bend Joints’ Cooling Water & Lube Oil Piping. Experience efficient flow and temperature regulation, contributing to the longevity and performance of your machinery.

other Hp & lp piping

Explore the comprehensive range of Bend Joints’ Other High-Pressure (HP) and Low-Pressure (LP) Piping solutions, catering to various industrial applications. With robust construction and precision engineering, our piping systems offer reliable and efficient fluid transport in diverse settings.

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